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The Fundamentals & More of EAP / EFAP

Clinical Assessments 15CEUs/PDHs

The Art of Conducting a Comprehensive Assessment

Link to EAP/EFAP & Foster An Exciting Private Practice

5 Elements to Consider When Choosing / Assessing Your EAP Provider Company

Focused Career Coaching (2 Sessions)

Focused Career Coaching (5 Sessions)

Why Claire Sutton Coaching?

Claire’s online training courses are designed to give you the insight, knowledge and skills
that will facilitate your personal and professional growth.

Claire Sutton Coaching, a division of Claire Sutton Consulting Inc, offers Mental Health professionals – clinical counsellors, psychologists, social workers – viable solutions to elevate their careers.

Your professional career evolves over time. It is important to plan ahead, have a vision and plan your professional development accordingly. At Claire Sutton Coaching, we can help you define your career visions and outline the necessary steps to get there – to realize your vision. Such steps may begin with focused coaching sessions, online courses for your professional development or a combination of the two.

An expert in the field of Employee (& Family) Assistance Programs (EAP / EFAP), Claire has leveraged her career into a successful and exciting private practice and consulting business. Now, her focus is to see fellow professionals succeed. Claire has met too many private practitioners and employed clinical professionals who are struggling in their careers and therefore struggling financially.

Unfortunately the business component was not taught in graduate school. Claire Sutton Coaching’s focus is to help skilled professionals reap the benefits of their chosen profession.

Why the emphasis on the field of employee assistance programs (EAP)? Firstly, it is the field that Claire has been involved in for over 20 years. She knows it exceptionally well and loves the work. She has earned the appropriate credentials to do the highest level of work involving human behaviour in the workplace.

Secondly, the field of EAP deals with the working population – functioning clients, from the ages of 18 – 65+. The client issues speak to the trends in society today. Most EAP clients are motivated to solve their issues and it is very rewarding to have an active role in so many successful results.

Thirdly, there is a lot of work for counsellors in the field of EAP / EFAP today, especially the counsellors who understand the mindset and skill set required.

Even if you choose not to work with EAP clients, understanding the essence of EAP will serve you well with your non-EAP clients.

Counsellors and therapists in private practice need to think of different revenue streams to be successful as a self-employed individual today. Many clients would not access counselling if it were not for their EAP benefit. EAP is an excellent revenue stream for mental health professionals, because it gives variety in client issues and balance to caseloads. Let’s get your career working for you. Contact Claire Now.

Claire Sutton Concordia University Montreal, Quebec - Alumni

Concordia University Montreal, Quebec - Alumni

RCC BC Association of Clinical Counsellors memebr Claire Sutton

A designation of the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors

Claire Sutton EAPA International Member

EAPA International Member

Claire Sutton University of British Columbia - Alumni

University of British Columbia - Alumni

Canadian Employee Assistance Program Association

Canadian Employee Assistance Program Association