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Claire Sutton Coaching is about activating your pathway to success.  Our goal is to get you to where you want to be:  in your career, in your life and often times in both.  Claire Sutton Coaching provides innovative and quality coaching as well as online courses and training services.

Claire Sutton Coaching is synonymous with high standards of excellence and professionalism.  The coaching method honed for Claire Sutton Coaching is rooted in the philosophies of ‘Vision-to-Action’ and ‘Applied Learning’.  You will gain the knowledge, techniques and tools that will help you to be more effective in your career and in your life.

Claire Sutton Coaching offers a blended model of individual coaching sessions and online training courses that will allow you to use immediately what you have just learned.

Whether it is a one-on-one session or an online course, the relevant information is delivered so that participants hear it, grasp it and understand it as the new learning is conveyed and then demonstrated through specific examples.  Participants are strongly encouraged to apply the new learning as soon as possible to their own personal or work situations in order to solidify their learning with confidence.

* Vision-to-Action is a philosophy whereby one creates a realistic vision of where one wants to be and then reflects (and/or consults with someone) on the realistic steps to get there.

* Applied Learning is the ‘doing’ part of the learning. It is seeing the knowledge applied to specific situations. Applied learning enhances and integrates the learning that happens in formal classrooms.

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Claire Sutton

Claire Sutton is a seasoned coach, consultant and trainer in addition to being a highly respected therapist.  The majority of Claire’s clinical practice is made up of professional and/or high functioning clients.

Over the last 22 years, Claire has seen 3000 + clients, logged 15000 + clinical hours and logged 2000+ workplace consultation and workshop hours.

Today, Claire’s vision of success is helping her fellow professionals succeed.  Over the last few years a significant portion of Claire’s practice has been devoted to helping counsellors/therapists launch or shift focus in their careers.   Claire has developed up-to-date online training courses as well as individual coaching sessions for mental health professionals.

Claire is also developing online courses for the general public. A sports enthusiast with a passion for the game of golf, Claire has launched a webinar addressing the mental side of the sport.

Claire hails from Montreal, Quebec. She speaks English and French (as a second language). She received her Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Sociology from Concordia University.  While working in Business and Marketing, she pursued MBA studies at McGill University as well business courses at the University of Calgary.  After working eight years in business and marketing she returned to school full time and received her Master of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology from the University of British Columbia.  She graduated in 1992.

Due to her experience and interest in the business world, Claire entered the field of Employee Assistance Programs. She honed her skills over the years in EAP while initially working for Family Services of Greater Vancouver’s EFAP; she was National Director for Interlock Employee & Family Assistance Services; on behalf of Family Services of Toronto’s EFAP, she was acting director for Canada Post’s EFAP BC division; and she was an EAP Consultant to BC Hydro.  Her private consulting work continues to include consultation to EAP provider companies, and employer organizations.  She also conducts case consultations with counsellors of the various EAP networks.

Claire is one of a small percentage of Canadian Mental Health Professionals who has earned the Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP) designation.  CEAP is the only professional designation indicating mastery of the Employee Assistance Program body of knowledge. This body of knowledge includes an in-depth understanding of human behaviour in the workplace.Over the years, Claire has presented at conferences in both Canada and the United States.

Claire has volunteered her time within her profession by holding the following roles: President of the Western Canada EAPA Branch (2004 – 2014); an advisor to the members of the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors; and member of the advisory board for the Adler School of Professional Psychology, Vancouver Campus.

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DrGlo Web

Claire expresses her professionalism in a natural, genuine manner so people feel comfortable and assured in her presence. With her strong organizational and interpersonal abilities, she helps individuals and groups develop their strengths. Her expertise is recognized and sought out ...Read More

Gloria McArter, PhD, RCC, CCC, RMFT

Kalin Smith Testimonial For Claire Sutton Coaching

I’m proud to have taken the Fundamentals and More of EAP/EFAP from Claire Sutton, the leading name in EAP/EFAP. Not only do I have clear understanding, I completed the course with competence and confidence to begin EAP/EFAP counselling. Claire provides ...Read More

Kalin Smith M.Ed, RCT-C, CCC

Jessica McGuire Testimonial For Claire Sutton Coaching

I have had the pleasure of taking Claire’s Comprehensive Assessment course. This course increased my understanding of the role of assessments in a clinical setting. Her class was an amazing educational experience that not only helping me to break down ...Read More

Jessica McGuire MA., CCC.

Kerriann Toby

Accessing Claire’s services was a great choice… her realness, intelligence, professionalism and insightfulness were extraordinary. In addition to sharing knowledge of EAP, Claire coached how to successfully market myself and navigate my way into the field. Thank you so much ...Read More

Kerriann Toby, MSc. | Clinical Counsellor | Trinidad and Tobago


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Claire Sutton Concordia University Montreal, Quebec - Alumni

Concordia University Montreal, Quebec - Alumni

RCC BC Association of Clinical Counsellors memebr Claire Sutton

A designation of the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors

Claire Sutton EAPA International Member

EAPA International Member

Claire Sutton University of British Columbia - Alumni

University of British Columbia - Alumni

Canadian Employee Assistance Program Association

Canadian Employee Assistance Program Association