2016: Elevate Your Career; Elevate Your Life

In my last post, I wrote about the need to have a strategic plan in place.  A Strategic plan details the vision of your business/practice – it is about direction and growth.

In this New Year, make a commitment to create and activate your strategic plan so that your energy is focused on realizing your successful private practice, whether full-time or part-time.

As I have mentioned in various places on my website, having a Vision-to-Action mindset means that you understand what the end goal is and that you have taken the time to outline the needed steps to reach that end goal.

Therefore, think about what a more successful private practice or career position would look like for you given this time next year. Take time to expand this vision on a piece of plain white paper – use color, visuals and key words that would define your success.  By nature, people are visual thinkers. Visuals with relevant words and phrases are much more powerful to retain and believe in than notes on your mobile phone.  What would be different about you if you were to achieve your career success? Take the time to think about it, create a visual map or blueprint of this success, this is valuable self-discovery time. Savour the visual.

Once you have this vision in place, outline the first three months by identifying 1-3 key steps in each month that must be accomplished for you to move towards your vision of your success.  As you accomplish the early key steps then you will know the needed next steps to pursue in months 4, 5, 6 and beyond.  In pondering the success of Apple, Steve Job’s was a visual strategic thinker.

Staying focused on your strategic plan requires good energy and positive forward thinking.  To build and sustain good energy and positive thought incorporate in your strategic plan a new or renewed healthy life habit that will build energy and give you rejuvenation time.  This could be an exercise, dance, music class etc.

Be proactive and plan and activate your twelve month strategic plan.

Happy New Year!

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Concordia University Montreal, Quebec - Alumni

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