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Insider’s Recap of EAPA Conference 2016

Hi – I am just back from spending 6 days in the windy city. Chicago is beautiful. Yes, got back just before the US elections – not going there now. And, I was fortunate to experience Chicago during baseball fever with the Chicago Cubs winning the Pennant, after 108 years. WOW ! The positive energy […]

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The Clinical Assessment – More Important than Ever

To truly understand the value of a comprehensive clinical assessment, it is important as a Mental Health Professional to understand who your client is today. Your clients today are living in this fast paced, tech oriented, constantly changing and constantly connecting world. They have a lot going on: at work, looking for work, managing their […]

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2016: Elevate Your Career; Elevate Your Life

In my last post, I wrote about the need to have a strategic plan in place.  A Strategic plan details the vision of your business/practice – it is about direction and growth. In this New Year, make a commitment to create and activate your strategic plan so that your energy is focused on realizing your […]

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4 Tips to Build Your Private Practice Confidence

In private practice, counsellors and therapists need to differentiate themselves as practitioners and identify their target niche and other viable revenue streams. However, a key tenet that applies to all private practice practitioners is the need to embrace a positive attitude toward business.  It is critical for all mental health professionals in private practice to […]

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5 Immediate Gains with Best Practices in Conducting Assessments

Mental health is front and centre in the news today.  News reports are educating the general public that mental health is on a continuum that ranges from concerns to illnesses to disorders.  Mental health issues are in real life and in real workplaces. People do not have to have a mental health illness or disorder […]

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 The Gratitude Afterglow – Keep it Going!

Canada’s Thanksgiving holiday has come to an end, pay its message forward. In other words, make a point of owning your practice of gratitude.  Gratitude was there over the Thanksgiving weekend as you celebrated with family and friends. Keep its glow alive. The practice of gratitude is being thankful for what you have rather than […]

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Claire Sutton Concordia University Montreal, Quebec - Alumni

Concordia University Montreal, Quebec - Alumni

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A designation of the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors

Claire Sutton EAPA International Member

EAPA International Member

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University of British Columbia - Alumni

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Canadian Employee Assistance Program Association