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Insider’s Recap of EAPA Conference 2016

Hi – I am just back from spending 6 days in the windy city. Chicago is beautiful. Yes, got back just before the US elections – not going there now. And, I was fortunate to experience Chicago during baseball fever with the Chicago Cubs winning the Pennant, after 108 years. WOW ! The positive energy […]

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The Clinical Assessment – More Important than Ever

To truly understand the value of a comprehensive clinical assessment, it is important as a Mental Health Professional to understand who your client is today. Your clients today are living in this fast paced, tech oriented, constantly changing and constantly connecting world. They have a lot going on: at work, looking for work, managing their […]

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EAP – What’s it all About?

Let’s review some basic knowledge about the ‘who, what, where, when, why and how’ of EAP.  As well as, why EAP is important to counsellors. What is EAP / EFAP? Employee Assistance Program: It is a specialized workplace benefit in place to help employees deal with personal or work related issues. Employee & Family Assistance […]

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Private Practice:  Plan Your Work – Work Your Plan

As a clinical counsellor or therapist in private practice, be mindful of your vision at all times.  The Vision-to-Action mindset means that you have a strategic plan for your career success.  The focus is first on the end in mind & then on the sequence of steps outlined towards your visual end. Remember there is […]

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5 Immediate Gains with Best Practices in Conducting Assessments

Mental health is front and centre in the news today.  News reports are educating the general public that mental health is on a continuum that ranges from concerns to illnesses to disorders.  Mental health issues are in real life and in real workplaces. People do not have to have a mental health illness or disorder […]

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EAPA 2015 San Diego: WOW – What a Conference!

EAPA 2015 was  a fabulous conference.  It scored a ‘ten’ on all fronts:  the city, the weather, the venue, the presenters, the workshops and the networking. The conference brings together professionals who are passionate about the field of Employee Assistance Programs i.e. their passion is human behavior in the workplace at both the individual and […]

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Claire Sutton Concordia University Montreal, Quebec - Alumni

Concordia University Montreal, Quebec - Alumni

RCC BC Association of Clinical Counsellors memebr Claire Sutton

A designation of the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors

Claire Sutton EAPA International Member

EAPA International Member

Claire Sutton University of British Columbia - Alumni

University of British Columbia - Alumni

Canadian Employee Assistance Program Association

Canadian Employee Assistance Program Association