Focused Career Coaching (5 Sessions)

What is it? It is a brief solution-focused career coaching program designed to help you succeed. This coaching program will focus directly on helping you: launch, shift focus and/or move forward in your career. Sessions will take place in an individualized setting (in-person or by telephone). The key objective is to help you envision, plan and activate a successful career that will work for you.

How does it work? First, you will send me your resume. Following a review of your resume, a set of questions will be sent to you that will allow me to assess where you are in your life and in your career. Before our first session together I will have reviewed your resume and your answers to the set of questions. Given this, I will be able to help you explore and envision your future career path more fully.

What can I expect in the session? In the sessions, I use a didactic coaching approach so that you will get the most out of our time together. I will coach you to focus on envisioning a career or career change that will work well for you i.e. one that is achievable within a realistic time frame. At the end of our first session, you will have direction and homework to bring back to me so that we can re-focus, fine tune and solidify the next steps. The sessions will lead to differentiating ‘you’ in your professional career. Following the sessions you will be able to activate your career confidently.

Will Marketing be addressed? Absolutely – Marketing is an essential component of any private practice. Yes, you can learn how to market yourself to your specific niches so that you are busy doing the work that you love and earning a satisfactory income. Marketing is addressed in every Solution Focused Career Program. Sometimes it is the main issue that we work on and sometimes it is one of many elements to be addressed.

Claire Sutton - Senior Consultant

Focused Career Coaching (5 Sessions)

Course Type : Coaching
Modules: 1
Tuition: $800 CAD
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Contact me at 604-742-1178 or if you have any questions?

What you will learn

Take the opportunity to work one-on-one with Claire. Given her breadth of experience, Claire is astute in coaching her clients to their desired goals. She has helped hundreds of mental health professionals launch successful careers. Let Claire be of help to you.

  • Clear & Effective Communicator
  • Outstanding Educator
  • Respected & Trusted Professional
  • Inspirational & Motivational Leader


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